Wellness Reference Books

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Wellness Resource Books. 

I'm offloading because I used to host more frequent wellness classes, but since we've moved out to the country, I'm not doing that as much anymore.  At those classes, I'd share these books.

These wellness-themed books are both new and used, and I'll note on each book option which is which.  I have more than one of some of them available. 

They are valuable resources to have in your natural medicine library, and I have one of each.  I refer to them often when we have an issue we're trying to help, in our family.

If you need help getting started with Young Living Essential Oils, Body and Home, feel free to reach out.  I'm happy to help.
Or, you can get going yourself by clicking this link to order, with me as your wellness helper.  I'm Nikki :)

Please feel free to email at info@LettersOfLoveDesigns.com or reach out through my contact form here on my website with any questions regarding wellness / essential oils.  

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