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This listing is for small business chat / shop critique.

I've owned, operated and designed / handmade for my own small business since 2009.
I've been an Etsy seller since 2009 and have maintained a 5 star rating and star seller status with nearly 13,000 sales. have handmde over 30,000 signs.   I have my own website, plus Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.  I've started from the ground up, back before there were lots of classes to learn from others how to "do this."    
If you're needing suggestions for SEO, photography, getting started on Etsy or Shopify, I'm happy to chat with you, meet up locally to chat and go over your questions.

I can offer Etsy or website shop reviews, looking at copy, photography, and SEO and give suggestions.  This $20 timeslot, whether in person or on a call, is for a 60 minute timeslot.  

Before we meet or get on the call, I'll take some time to look through your social media or shops (if you have them already), so I have an idea of who you are, what you do, how your media flows etc, so that we can jump right in when we chat.  

If, after our chat, you'd also like to focus in on one or more aspects, I can put together something more focused for you, get you resources, or look further into that specific area for you.  

Feel free to reach out via email at and let me know what kind of small business support you are looking for, and we can go from there.  

Thank you for stopping by.