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These small and medium Principal, Assistant Principal, Vice Principal make great gifts.

I also offer Superintendent, which you can find in this listing here in my shop :

If you're looking for something different, like Dean or Professor, please reach out, and we can get something going for you.    

They can be displayed all year 'round on their desk, file cabinet, shelf, and the medium signs can also hang on the wall (they come with a metal hanger on the back).


One sign, or a set of two ... small or medium size options in YOUR choice of letter color scheme.

Small signs : the tiniest size that I offer. These signs can stand alone and also stack well on top of another small or medium sized sign.

Medium signs : these are the in-between size that I offer. Not tiny & not large.
They are still on the little side… they display easily anywhere but are still big enough to make a great impact.

--->> Principal, Assistant Principal or Vice Principal sign only
Medium size : measurements : 10.5 inches wide/long x 2-3 inches tall/high.
The letters on this sign will be just as shown in the photos - in the color scheme of your choice.

--->> Small Name Sign ( example : Mrs Jones or Mr Robertson etc) + Principal, Assistant Principal, or Vice Principal Medium sign

Measurements : small name size will vary in length/width depending on the number of letters in the name - but range from 2.75-10.5 inches long.

They are always 1.5 inches tall/high.

* Please leave specific info on your teacher name for this sign set
example : MRS JONES - she likes flowers and being outside.
example : MR ROBERTSON - he works with metal and loves music

--->> Small Custom Name Sign only : same as above - measurements vary.
Please leave specific notes when you check-out.

--->> Medium Custom Name ONLY - sizes will vary depending on the number of letters in the name - but range from 6.5 - 10.5 inches long.
Heights : 2-3.5 inches tall/high.

About the Photo Letters to be used on your signs:
This listing is for basic custom signs - which means the SELLER (me) will choose fantastic letters for your sign or signs with no further input needed from you.
You will note receive a proof with this order, and it is priced accordingly.

The Principal, Vice Principal & Assistant Principal letters will always be the exact same as the photos shown in the PRINCIPAL color scheme choices.

Care, Display & About My Process:
Indoor Display only.
Dust with a dry cloth, when needed.
Please keep dry & away from extreme heat & cold
I photograph all of the letters that I use on my signs.
We cut, sand & paint the wood. I affix my original photo letter collage permanently to the wood and a protective layer over the top.
As shown in the photos and noted, these signs aren’t framed in glass.
They are a durable, unique finished piece that will display well over time.

Thank you for stopping by & for your interest in handmade!