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Nurse Gift, Nurse Wood Sign, Nurse Graduation Gift, Nurse Gift Idea, Registered Nurse, Nursing School Student, Medical Art, Doctor Gift, Lawyer Gift, Police Gift

Mini Wood Signs

A little bit about this piece and why I picked some of the letters that I did:
I am a registered nurse myself (I specialized in Pediatrics!), and I this sign would make a great gift for a nurse or someone who will soon be a nurse. My hope with this sign is to show the STRENGTH of nurses...
*Nurses are strong like a stone ( like the R photo ) to help their patients when it is really difficult.
*They are tough like nails ( like the N photo) when they need to stand up for what's right & be a true patient advocate.
*The stethoscope ( S ) shows the bedside manor and care that we give to our patients, and it also is a common nursing icon.
*The metal in the U and the E represents the awards ( a metal ) that should be given to each nurse for the heart and soul that they put in to their career, as well as the giving of their time.

Measurements, Display & Care:
NURSE : 8 1/2 inches wide/long and 2 1/2 inches tall and can stand alone, and also has metal hanger on the back. (compare sign to coin in photo #2).

Please display indoors only and keep dry and away from extreme heat.

Photo #4 shows the backs of the signs.

You may also choose another profession (seller will choose letters and color scheme on each of the other signs offered as follows)

RN: Neutral Color Scheme                                                                                                                           LPN : Neutral Color Scheme                                                                                                                         CNA : Neutral Color Scheme                                                                                                                         Murse (male nurse! ) Neutral color Scheme                                                                                               EMT: Red & White Theme
Medic : Red & White Theme
Firefighter : Red, White, Black, Silver Theme
Police : Blue, Black & White color scheme (like the BLUE sign shown here)
Officer : Blue, Black & White color scheme (like the BLUE sign shown here)
"BLUE" - as in Police Officer - See photo #5
Pastor : Neutral Color Scheme with Cross "T".
Housekeeper : Neutral color scheme
Doctor: Neutral Color Scheme
Lawyer: Neutral Color Scheme
Dentist: Neutral Color Scheme
Teacher: Bright color Scheme or Neutral Color Scheme - choose your option
Photographer: Neutral Color Scheme ( actual sign will be slightly larger than the one shown here)           Photography : Neutral Color Scheme (actual sign will be slightly larger than the one shown here)
Artist : Bright Color Scheme, Neutral Color Scheme, or Feminine Color Scheme
** Other profession : NOTE: You possibly may be refunded $8 of the sign cost if the "other" profession you are ordering is one that is common that the seller will continue to sell in her shop. Feel free to ask before purchasing if the "other" profession you'd like to order is one that will get a refund.  Seller will choose photo letter color scheme based on what the profession is that you're ordering :)                                           Thank you for getting creative and thinking outside of the box!

Please note that you can order more than one of these signs (example: NURSE and LAWYER).  Just choose a quantity of 2, and then leave a note to me when you check-out with which signs you are ordering). 

The other signs offered / general dimensions (vary slightly depending on how many letters are in the word):

2-3 letters: 6 1/2 inches wide x 3.5 inches high (can stand alone and hang on wall) 
4-7 letters: 8 1/4 inches wide x 2-3.5 inches high (can stand alone and hang on wall)
8-13 letters: 10 1/4 inches wide x 2-3 inches high (can stand alone and hang on wall).

I photograph all of the letters and make the wood signs, too.  The letters mostly come from the Lincoln Nebraska area (and surrounding countryside). I cut the wood to size, sand and paint it. I apply the letters and a protective coat over the top.

Thanks for visiting my shop!!