Numbers & Dates Signs

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If you are looking for a sign including numbers, this is the place to be.  
Here, I offer wood signs in all sizes, plus magnets and ornaments featuring my original photo numbers.  

This listing shows the numbers I have to offer in the NEUTRAL color scheme. 

I have numbers in all colors, and can make any color scheme you’re needing for your date signs.  I can also mix and match letters & numbers, to make something unique to your needs, so please reach out and let me know what you need.                                     

I can make dates with either six or eight numbers. 
Examples : 
( six numbers )  10 . 24 . 95
(eight numbers ) 10 . 24. 1995
So, please leave specific notes on your order of how you’d like your date made, and also the colors you’d like on your order. 

Free shipping on all items within this listing!

You may order any custom name or word, 13 letters / numbers or less, right here!  

Your Design Options:
Sizes : Small or medium wood signs, Small Magnets & ornaments, Large signs
I can include:  Apostrophe S, hyphens, exclamation points, letter accents, spaces between words, and the word "The" before the last name, etc.  
You can select your letters right here in this listing, or I can select for you.
Scroll or click through this listing to see my original photos of my original turquoise and green letters.
You can leave a note when you check-out with the following:

The the date or letter/number combo  and the numbers/letters you'd like to be used

Examples : 

12 . 15 . 2006

10 . 05 . 14  


Or : Seller can choose the letters for me.

All of the options in this listing are custom.  

Since you can view all of the numbers and select them yourself, this order does not come with a proof, and is priced accordingly (it is $9.95 less than if it had a proof).  If you need a proof, please contact me before you order, for info on that.

Please see the info photos in this listing that cover the following important info:

- Measurements of each size
- How they are made / what they are / how where they can be displayed
- No glass used
- Compare their size to the pencil in the photos, or me holding large signs
- Indoor display only - they are made of actual photos and outside elements ruin photos.

Please message with any questions or special requests.  
Thank you.

I'll begin on your order when I see it come through, and for smalls and mediums, in general, they'll be handmade, dry, and ready to ship out within about 5-7 business days.
Larges sometimes run about 7-10 business days as they take an additional step, which allows for dry-time.

You'll get a shipping notification and tracking number that is automatically emailed to you when I ship, so check your junk folder if you can't find it within that time frame.

Thank you!!