Gnome Ornaments, Christmas Ornament Gift Set

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These gnome ornaments make awesome Christmas gifts sets. The ornaments are handmade by me.  

You can order your favorite Gnome singly, mix and match more than one, or order the whole set of six.

Measurements & Info:
2 x 2 inches
Painted pine wood - your choice of the three paint color options
Eye hook screw and red and white twine

Perfect for stocking-stuffers - give as a set or singly.

Gifting Ideas:

Great for yearly ornament gifts for children or grandchildren
Secret sister / Secret Santa, Friends, Family, Co-workers, or for your own tree

You can order with colors as shown :
Two of each, red, white & turquoise

Or, you can do a different color combo, mix and match as you wish.

Some Examples :

All Red
Two Red, one White (ordering 3)
Ordering all Gnome 4, do one in red, one in white, one in turquoise
Any combo - just leave specific notes when you check out.

I cut the wood, sand and paint it. I then apply the Gnome to the wood and a protective coat over the top. I add the eye hook and ribbon to complete the ornament.

Please reach out with questions or for your needs for personalization.

Thank you for stopping by.