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Giveaway Winner Prize Claim Listing:

You must have had a previous conversation with Nikki, stating that you're a winner of a giveaway, in order to claim this product.  

This listing has been created for giveaway winners to claim their prizes, as an easy way to ship and track their items.  

Depending on the prize, you may or may not be expected to pay shipping.  

You will pay nothing for your actual giveaway item, but it will give me a way to track and ship.


To claim your item, simply "purchase" this listing.

Please choose a quantity of 1 at check-out.

Please make sure you've added the correct address for shipping.

If you're getting a small wood sign.  These signs can stand alone (they don't have a metal hanger on the back).

If you're getting a medium wood sign, then they can stand alone & hang on the wall (metal hanger on back). 

Care Instructions:                                                                                                  

Indoor display only.                

Dust with dry cloth when needed.

Please keep dry and away from extreme heat & cold.  

About me & My Process:
I photograph all of the letters and make the wood signs, too.  

I cut, sand, and paint the wood.  I apply my original photo letter collage and a protective layer over the top.  

I've been photographing letters and making signs since 2009.  

Thank you so much for entering!!  

I so appreciate it!!
Nikki :)