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These sport / coach signs (baseball or other sport) are personalized and make great gifts for your coach!! Gofts from the team, or your child, individually.

Available Sports: Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, golf, and more sports may be available, so feel free to message. :)

Choose the following at check-out :

--->> CUSTOM Design for YOU - something similar to the COACH signs shown in photos #1 & 2, or something completely different.

You get the following on your sign:
* One or two lines of photo letters (it can have up to 13 letters in each of the lines' word or words).
* Up to two lines of typed text words.

Measurements: will vary depending on the number of letters in your photo letter word, and the text design... but will range from:
8.5 inches wide / long x 2.5 - 5.5 inches tall.

Please leave specific information in the "notes to seller" at check-out as to what you'd like your custom sign to read... using the following general information: (example)

Example to show what's been done in photo #1:
1. TEXT font on top: NONE
2. PHOTO LETTERS: COACH on top / SAMPSON on bottom
3. TEXT font on bottom: Lincoln Dodgers 8s - 2015
4. Please leave info on what kind of design you're looking for, such as color scheme of photo letters etc
Examples: Baseball-theme, use curly-looking letters, use metal objects, red and black theme, country or farm looking letters, use all different greens etc. I LOVE to get as specific as I can with my photo letters to match the personality & style of the person who will own this sign, and I've got offer 450 options to choose from... so lets make it FUN !!

Please double-check and spelling or dates in your information.

Photo Letter Color - you'll have choices in the drop-down box at check-out:
Do you want your photo letters to be in black & white, bright colors, neutral colors, or a specific color scheme?
If a specific scheme, please leave color info in notes-to-seller when you check-out.

(See photo #5 to example of bright vs. neutral color letters).

---->> PLEASE NOTE: Not every letter in your sign will be a sports-themed item/letter. Just as shown in the samples here, the word COACH will have a themed C and O and possibly another C, depending on the sport you choose.
The other letters in the Coach's first or last name will have as many themed letters as are available in the letters in their particular name and in that particular sport. The letters available in each sport vary. They will be similar in the number of sport-related photos to the samples shown here in this listing. :)

---->> Your sign comes with three complimentary total mock-up changes, if needed (that is a first set of letters, and then three more total changes after that time). It usually takes 1-2 tries to find a set of letters that a customer is happy with. If more than three changes (which is four total letter sets) are needed, you'll be charged $3.75 for each complete additional changes.

Once you purchase your sign, I'll send you a sample mock-up to get us started on the design of your sign. We'll be able to tweak it from there, getting a final sign that matches the style that you have in mind.

** This sign comes with THREE complimentary "mock-up changes" in letter samples and font changes. If more tries are needed than that (and it usually only takes 1 or 2), then there will be a $3.50 charge for each additional re-mock.
This means: I'll send you an initial mock-up. Then you can change it three more times, if needed, at no additional charge. Beyond that, each additional change will cost $3.50 more before you view it.

Your sign comes with a metal hanger on the back for easy hanging, and it can also stand alone.
Indoor display only.
Please keep dry and away from extreme heat.

My Process:
I photograph all of the letters from the Lincoln, NE area. (sometimes further, when I get a chance!).  I cut, sand, and paint the wood on your sign.  I apply my photo collage and a protective layer over the top, and a metal hanger on the back.

Thank you for looking!!