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Libby at The Ripple Company has been gracious to allow me to keep in stock a few of the amazing Diffuser Bracelets she handmakes - to Stop Human Trafficking.

The heartbeat of her organization is to aid in the eradication of human trafficking by donating 50% of our profits.  They do this by offering beautiful collections for you to gift and purchase. Simply put, they're in business to put human trafficking out of business!

All bracelets have a circumference between 7 in to 7.5 in and come on jewelry stretch wire to make putting on and taking off easy and to fit a majority of wrist sizes. 

Ripple's Freedome Bracelets are made with all-natural materials including semi-precious stones, glass, wood and metals. They are handmade especially for you.

We believe people cannot be bought and sold
We believe in a world where slavery does not exist
We believe that all people have the right to a bright future
We believe that one by one we will set the captives free
I am a Ripple Maker and my bracelet means freedom

Thank you for shopping with Ripple through the Letters of Love Designs Website!

Ripple was founded in January of 2019 in Lincoln, NE. We are passionate about collections that support small business owners and that are ethically sourced and good for your body and soul. But, most important, we believe in being radically generous and making the world a better place, and as such, we give back 50% of our profits to put a stop to one of the most evil crimes against people on the planet - human trafficking. Thank you for being such a vital Ripple in this important endeavor. Happy shopping - we know you will find something you'll love. 

Also, if you have any questions or need help, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Libby Farmen

Founder + CEO | Ripple


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