Wedding Gift - Mr and Mrs Last Name Wood Sign, Photo Letter Wall Art

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What you get if you purchase this listing:

A combo set of TWO wood signs as follows (one micro and one mini):

Photo letters come in a neutral color scheme.

Sign #1 : Micro MR & MRS wood sign with photo letters in neutral colors just as shown in these photos.
Measurements: 5 1/2 inches wide x 1 1/2 inches high and can stack on the last name sign.

Sign #2: CUSTOM Mini LAST NAME wood sign in coordinating neutral color letters.
YOU get to have a say in the letters for your last name sign, or seller can do the letter-choosing for you (read more below).
3-6 letters: 2.5 - 3.5 inches tall/high x 8.5 inches wide/long
7-13 letters: 2-2.5 inches tall/high x 10.5 inches wide/long
* sizes vary depending on the number of letters in the name.

Mini signs come with metal hangers on the backs. They can be displayed by standing alone on a shelf or can also be hung on the wall.
Either way you decide to display them (hanging or standing), the tiny micro MR & MRS sign can stack on top of the mini sign.

There are TWO different photo letter CHOOSING options.

1. Complete Seller Design - This means seller chooses letters in your color scheme, and designs in a neutral color scheme to match the letter colors in the MR&MRS sign. There is no buyer involvement in letter choices. Seller designs, makes, and ships finished wood to buyer or giftee without any further buyer input.

2. Buyer Approves Photo Letters
This means you (buyer) get: Two FREE complete letter changes for the last name on your mini wood sign - swapping out however many letters you need to be changed TWO different times. (which is plenty to find photo letters that you love for your name sign).

Please leave a "note to seller" at check-out stating the custom last name to be on your mini wood sign.

The Custom Process... IMPORTANT, please read :
IMPORTANT : ---->>

If you choose "BuyerApprovesLetters" when you check-out, then I will make a sample set of letters for your approval, when I see the order come through, so please check your email within 48 hours after you place your order to find your letters samples so that we can begin finding ones you like for your custom ornament. We can swap letters as needed to find a set of letters that you like for your sign.
TWO total letter swaps come FREE with this listing.
---->>>> What that means: I'll first send one sample set of letters for your last name. You can have me switch out however many letters for new options that you'd like TWO more times after that (that is called "two complete letter changes"). Usually it takes 98% of customers just 1-2 swaps to find a set of letters that they like for their sign. If more swaps are needed after that, then there will be a $2.50 fee for each additional new sample needed, in order to view the new sample.

If you choose "CompleteSellerDesign" at check-out, then I'll take your information and design your sign for you completely. I'll make it and ship it to you or your giftee.

Care & Display: Please keep your sign dry and away from heat. Your sign is for indoor display only.

About me and my process:
All letters are photographed by me, and wood signs also handmade by me. :)
I cut the wood so size, sand and paint your wood. I apply a collage print of my photo letters that you choose. I then apply a coat of polyurethane over the top for an added layer of protection.

If you're in Lincoln, NE, and want to pick up your sign when it's ready, please contact me before purchasing. I will give you a coupon code to remove the shipping cost. If this coupon code is used, then that means buyer agrees to pick up the item locally when finished, and seller will not ship item.