Personalized Last Name Sign, Large Custom Name Photo Letter Art, Alphabet Photography

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Personalized Last Name Sign, Large Custom Name Photo Letter Art, Alphabet Photography

These personalized first or last name or word signs are perfect for wedding gifts, anniversaries, birthdays, friends, families, new babies, and your own home decor!  

You have three options to choose from at check-out:

1. How many letters are in the name or word you're ordering.

2.  What color of letters to be used on your sign?  See more below & photos. 

5.  Who decides on the letters for your sign?  (Me/Seller or You/Buyer).

About These Large sizes:

Large signs have letters that are 4 x 6 inches on them.

Each separate photo on this sign will be encased in a clear acrylic frame for protection and affixed permanently to the wood.

These signs come ready to hang & display, with a metal or wire hanger on the backs, depending on how long/big your sign is.  

About the Number of Letters & Sizing:

** Please see photo about the finished sign sizes of each of the signs I offer, based on how many letters are in the name or word that you're ordering.

** If you are ordering a sign with the single word "The" on it, then please count that as one letter.

** If you are ordering a sign with the single letter "&" on it, then please count that as one letter.

** If you are ordering a name with a prefix such as "Mc," then that counts as TWO letters, as I use separate M and C's for those types of signs.  

About the COLOR CHOICES for your letters:

Please see color choice photo to get an idea of exactly what each scheme looks like.

Neutral Colors, Black & White, and Specific Color Scheme are listed as choices, BUT there are move available - they just don't fit with what this website will allow for the number of options!                                                                                                                              

If you want:  Earth Tones, Bright Primary, Feminine or other specific colors, then please choose "Specific Color Scheme" at check-out, and then please leave a detailed note with exactly what colors you're going for.  

Some Letter Theme Options that I have available, if you are trying to hit a theme:
Golf, Baseball, Crossfit (weights), Guns, Basketball, Football

I may not be able to hit every letter in your name or word with your themed letters, but some.  Please message me with questions.  

I may be able to hit other themes, as well, so please message me first, before purchase if you are going for something specific with the photo letter theme.  

About the Letter choosing design of your sign - Seller vs. Buyer

1. SELLER DESIGN:                                                                                                    

Seller (that's me) will choose fantastic letters for your sign with no further input needed from you.  This is a great option if you are on tight deadline to receive your sign, as it will cut out a lot of time of going back and forth emailing to decide on letters.  It is also a less expensive option, because seller can begin on your sign right away.  * At check-out, please leave a note about what name or word you're ordering, plus any information that you feel is important for me to know about the name, so that I can choose letters that fit the name or word's personality & style.  

Example:  WATSON : they go to church, love metal objects and baseball.  They hate the color orange.  

2. BUYER INPUT: YOU have input on the letters used on your sign!
** At purchase, please leave a "note-to-seller" with the name or word that you're ordering.
When I see that you've ordered, I'll then send you samples for letter choices to get us started. Please check back to your email within 24 hours of ordering, as I will be sending you a letter sample email. Production time doesn't start on your sign until letter choices have been confirmed. If there is no response within 24 hours from when I send your letter samples, then to avoid delay on production of your sign, I'll move on and choose what I would consider the most cohesive look of letters that have been the most popular with customers, and begin production on your sign, so it arrives to you in a timely manner.

This BUYER INPUT sign comes with three complimentary / free complete letter changes. It usually takes most buyers 1-2 different complete letter swaps to find a set that they love. If more than 3 swaps are needed, then there will be $3 per additional complete letter swap, which will be paid before viewing additional swaps if more than 3 are needed.

Care & Display:

There is a metal saw-tooth hanger or wire hanger on the back for easy wall hanging.        

This sign comes ready to display.

Display indoors only, and keep dry and away from extreme heat.                                    

Dust with dry cloth when needed.

About Me & My Process:

All letters are photographed by me, and wood signs also handmade by me. :) I cut, sand, and paint the wood. I apply my original photo letters in their frames to the wood.

About Processing Time & Shipping:

In general, I run about 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS to finish time.  Then your item will be shipped when the item has been handmade & has had ample time to try.  It takes another 2-5 days to arrive to you by mail.  

This item ships USPS Priority Mail.

Production time doesn't begin until final letter choices have been made, so if you choose BUYER DESIGN, then it will take longer than the 5-7 day finish time, as we will need a few days to decide on letters, depending on how quickly you respond to emails.   

------------>>>    IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT SHIPPING REFUNDS!   <<<-------------

Shipping charges are an estimate and vary greatly depending on my location in relation to yours.  If a shipping estimate of more than $5 is charged, then seller will refund any amount of overage of more than $5 at the time of shipping, when exact amounts are known.  If a shipping refund is being sent to you, seller will notify you on shipping day, to let you know you're getting a refund.  Woo hoo!

Thank you so very much for stopping by.  Please message me at info@lettersoflovedesigns if you have any questions before you purchase!  I'm happy to help!!