Custom LAST NAME Wood Sign - Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Home Decor

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These custom last (or first) name wood signs are a perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, annivsaries, Christmas, and much more.  They would make sweet pieces for your own home decor, as well!  They feature my original photo letter art and display easily on a shelf or windowsill, and have the option to hang, as well (mini size).  

Start by deciding if you are ok with me (SELLER) choosing the photo letters for your sign, or if YOU want to have input on the letters.

Decide your color scheme for the photo letters:  Black & White, Bright Colors, Neutral Colors or Feminine Colors.

Decide next which size best fits your space & budget (micro or mini).  

Compare the sizes of the signs to the coin in each photo, and also see the photo that compares the mini and micro sizes to each other. 

MICRO - tiny - these signs stand alone (they don't hang on the wall).

3 letters 2 3/4 inches wide/long x 1.5 inches tall/high
4 letters 3 3/4
5 letters 4 1/2
6 letters 5 1/2
7 letters 6
8 letters 6
9 letters 7 1/4
10-13 letters 10 1/2 inches wide/long x 1.5 inches tall/high.

MINI - these signs can stand alone & also have a metal hanger on them for easy wall display.

3 letters :         6 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches
4-6 letters :      8.1/2 x  2-4 inches tall approx depending on the number of letters in the word or name you choose.
7-13 letters :    10 1/2 x 2-4 inches tall approx depending on the number of letters in the word or name you choose.

You'll choose at check-out which size you want (micro vs. mini) and which letter color scheme (black & white, bright colors, neutral colors, or a specific color scheme).  If choosing a specific color scheme, please choose "bright colors" and then leave a note when you check-out with details (example:  red, white and blue).  

Please leave a note at check-out of the first or last name or names that you are ordering.  Feel free to leave specific details about the people you are ordering the signs for, and I will try to use my letters that fit their personality, too (example, "is a woodworker,"  or "loves country and rustic things."  Double-check spelling please :)

You'll also choose who picks the letters for your sign.  

SELLER DESIGN means that I do the letter choosing based on the color schemes that you choose at check-out, and the notes that you leave me.  

BUYER INPUT : means that YOU have a say in the letters that are used on your sign.  If you choose BUYER INPUT, then see below for IMPORTANT INFO on the letter-choosing process.  

If you choose BUYER INPUT : I'll then send you some letter samples to approve or change, once I see your order come through.  Please check your email within 24 hours to find and email from me with your mock-up samples. 

Care and Display:

Display indoors. 

Please keep this sign dry & away from extreme heat & cold.

Clean by dusting with a dry cloth.

About Me & My Process:

I enjoy the outdoors & the country, as well as city buildings and structures.  I also love words and letters.  I've combined the two, along with my love of photography!  I photograph all of the letters on my wood signs from around Lincoln Nebraska and the nearby countryside. 

The wood signs are also handmade by me.  I cut, sand, and paint the wood and apply the letters.  There is an additional coat over the top of your sign to give it an added layer of protection.

Shipping is set at a minimal, reasonable price, but if you live in or near Lincoln, NE and wish to pick your sign up from my residence when it's ready, then please contact me by message before you purchase, and I can remove the shipping cost from your item.

CUSTOM orders are always welcome, and make great gifts... for weddings, new babies, birthdays, anniversaries, teachers, coaches, friends and so much more!  Please contact me letting me know your custom needs, and we'll find & create a sign that fits your style, size, color scheme and budget!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop!