Chicken Magnets

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These wooden chicken magnets are perfect gifts for chicken-lovers and great pieces for your own home decor.

They measure 4.75 x 3.5 inches (they may run vertically or horizontally) and can even be customized with your own chicken / livestock / farm photos + your own typed text.
Whether you want a quote, or a saying from your own family, we can add it to your magnet.

I do offer standard ones also, featuring chickens from my own flock.   Select those from the drop-down box.  If your selection doesn't have the word CUSTOM in it, then the magnet you've selected comes exactly as shown.   

Please contact me here through the contact form or message at with any questions you may have about customizing your magnet.

If you DO order, you can email me your photo (If you'd like a custom photo to be added to your magnet) to

I'll then crop and edit your photo to fit, and add the custom text (as applies) to it.
I'll work with the color schemes in your photo to make the look flow well.  Then I'll move on to the hand-making portion of your wooden magnet.

Please leave a note on this order if you order a CUSTOM selection, letting me know what you're ordering (custom photo or text, or both) and then email the photo (if that applies).

Please check back to the email you left attached to your order (YOUR email address) incase I have any questions with your notes.

Thank you for your interest in handmade.