Gathering : Open House at the Little Red Farm / Click Photo for Full Details / Monday, May 18th / 7-8:30 pm

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{ You’re invited! }}

*Plenty of space for social distancing.

*Bring a friend & you each / all get a free oil sample bottle of your choice.

*When : This Monday Night, May 18th 7-8:30 pm

*Where : 

The Little Red Farm (Just South of Lincoln)  -

577 S 4th Road
Palmyra, NE 68418

*Open house :

- Free iTOVi scans (shows what oils & supplements your body currently scans for).

- Savvy Minerals Make-up chat

- Sniff oils & see what you like

- Sip coffee, tea, NingXia & Wine

- Chat . Laugh . Relax .

- Human contact at your level of comfort & distance . No judgement either way. ❤️

- Shop naturally raised beef, pork, eggs, raw milk & handmade goods at the Farmer’s Market if you wanna

- Breathe fresh country air

- Know that you’re welcome here.

*** Click over time the Little Red Farm page for address / directions at the website link above.

Just show up... you're there!

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