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If you've ever wanted to see what your name or word (13 letters or less) would look like with my original photo letter art - now is a great time!

Mock-ups / Proof are $9.95 regularly, but starting in February, I'm offering them FREE to three people exclusively through my website here (as in, not offered in my Etsy shop).

Just put this listing in your cart, leave a note with your name or word, and what colors you'd like your photo letters to be... 

You can click through the photos here to see some of the types of color schemes and themes that I offer, but I can do about anything you'd like - customized to fit your color scheme, theme or decor.

What you are requesting, if you put this item in your cart & check-out:
A FREE un-suable digital sample of the name or word you'd like to see in my photo letters, in your chosen color scheme.  
Again, this is an UN-usable file.  

Usually - I charge $9.95 for a mock up for customers who want to see the letters put together before either 

1.  They make a decision on whether or not they'd like to purchase, or

2.  They purchase, and then want to see their letters together before I move forward to make the sign.

A Mock-up allows viewing from the customer or potential customer.  
With this free mock-up, you get to view the first set of letters that I send you, and then also two complete swaps (swapping out and re-mocking as many letters as needed, two more times) for free!

{ What that means / what you get if you request a Mock-up }

It means you want to see some letter options in the selected theme, color scheme.

Once I see your Mock-up Monday request come through, I'll put some letter options together for you to view.

You'll receive one sample initially, and this will allow us to begin figuring out where to go with swapping out for different letters, your likes, etc.

Make sure that the first or last name or word has 13 letters or less 

Within about 72 hours, I'll email your mock-up.
** Please make sure the email address on your order is up-to date, or I won't be able to contact you with your proof.  You can also leave your email address in the note, when you let me know the name or word you'd like to see, if you wish.
Please check your email and your junk folder from the messages from me :
Letters of Love Designs and / or Nikki Letters of Love for your mock-up

With your proof, you get two complete swaps for free, if needed.
That means that two additional times after I send the initial proof, we can swap out as many letters as needed to see a new version. So, at each message exchange, please tell me ALL of the letters that need swapped out (I'll send instructions on how to do this in my message). I'll do all of the swaps for each change, and send you back another sample. That counts as one complete swap. We can do this three times.

You are NOT receiving any finished sign with this Mock-up Monday request, and my part of the responsibility is to send you the proof that you request, and work with you in a timely manner to decide if you like the look of your letters together.

*Your proof will come in a screenshot digital photo. This will not be an edit-able file, not a digital file, and will not give you access to my original letter library, the letter files, or license to use them in any way. The proof is intended for you to view the letters put together side-by-side so that you can see how they would look on a finished, handmade-by-me wood sign.
I photograph all of my letters, and do not sell digital files of the letters. I sell finished, handmade wood signs that come ready for you to display, give as gifts, etc.

This proof is a service I provide for those who want to see what their letters look like before making a decision whether to purchase a sign or not.

What happens if you love the letters in the proof you receive for FREE?

If, after you receive your proof (and we do swaps if necessary), and you love the look, and want to move forward to purchasing a small, medium or large wood sign, magnet or ornament, Yay!

If you do, you will NOT have to pay the additional proof fee.  
You can just let me know what you're looking for, the size you'd like, and / or your budget, and I can help you find the sign you are looking for, and make your custom version come to life!

I'll then link you to some listing options, and you can decide if one is right for you, with no pressure from me.  If you purchase one, I'll get it handmade with your customizations, and in the mail in about a week.  

I ship for Free to the US.

Thank you for your interest in handmade. :)