The Big Picture

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This morning I had to make the hard decision to leave my small flock of chickens whom I love very much, inside of the chicken coop.  

As I was doing it, it brought me to a realization that sometimes God makes the same types of decisions. 

So, the normal routine with our chickens is that when it’s nice outside, a decent temperature where their combs and waddles won’t freeze off, or they otherwise won’t be in danger, they get to go outside. That’s what happens 99% of the days of their lives. 

But this morning, I took extra care to move their water dish, water heater, their food, into the warmth of their coop.  

I even gave them some extra meal worms as an apology treat.

As I was doing so, I could see them looking at me in anticipation, wondering why I wasn’t letting them outside. 

To them, it looked like a perfect day out. The sky was blue, and the sunshine was heating up the inside of the coop to well above 30°.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. But I knew, on the outside of the chicken coop, that although the sky was a beautiful blue, that the wind was blowing very hard, the temperatures were in the very low 20s, and the real-feel was -6°.

I found myself thinking that they don’t even understand why am doing this.
From their point of view, it looks like a perfectly wonderful day that they should be outside.  They don't understand why I'm not letting them out.  

It almost hurt me to have to get them settled in the coop and then leave them there, because I know their joy is found outside.

That instantly made me think of God & us. 

So many times in my life, I am “inconvenienced” because He has different plans from mine.  He may know something that I do not, though from my point of view, it may look safe, fun, or like a normal day.

But God is seeing the whole picture. He knows if there’s something else going on that I can’t see, feel, or understand fully. 

And sometimes that means that I need to stay put while he works things out, or while the situation changes. 

He loves us the same way that I love my sweet flock, and He loves to see us joyful. 

But he also gets to make the decision on each of our days, because, He is the one who cares for us, knows what's best for us, and sees the "Big Picture."

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  - Jeremiah 29:11


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