My Lost Ring

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Last night when we were working out, I’d taken my wedding ring off for comfort and hung it on a nail on the wall. When I was finished, I grabbed it and my other things and went upstairs. I went through my normal evening routines, but then realized that I didn’t have my ring on. I looked in the usual places I would have put it when it is off of my finger, but didn’t find it there. The family got involved in the search. It was a different dynamic than our usual hunt for a lost item. Everyone remained calm. Nobody placed blame. Everyone kept a positive attitude and was helpful in the search. My oldest son helped me retrace my steps and showed empathy & came up with suggestions of where to look. Chad assured me that the ring would not have fit down the opening in the drain and gotten washed away.
I found myself saying out loud : "You have something ... and then you get lax with it, and you don’t take care of it. You think it’s going to always be there, but one day you look up and it’s gone."
That was really profound statement to me. I think we can look at life in general in that way. We really need to take care & tend tend to the things that are truly important to us. If we get too busy, let them go, and don’t continue to cultivate & protect those things, we may look up and they will be gone.
Thank you, God, for that bit of insight this evening.
The end of the story : Always the hero, my husband found my ring, hanging in another spot that I would commonly hang my ring to keep it safe… But I had forgotten to look there. And once he brought the ring to me and told me where he found it… I actually remember hanging it right there.

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